UpdateAI – Zoom meeting assistant

Remembering everything you owe your customers after a day of back-to-back Zoom calls is a drag.


We’re UpdateAI.

Our mission is to empower Customer Success teams to build great relationships with their customers.

We work with early and growth stage B2B SaaS companies to help them scale Customer Success outcomes.  Everything we do is devoted to removing the overwhelm of back-to-back customer meetings so that CSMs can focus on the bigger picture: building relationships.

UpdateAI is the first meeting assistant built specifically for CS.

Our Story

Working in a customer-centric organization today is about so much more than driving transactional revenues; it’s about building meaningful relationships. Leading honest conversations with customers is the most authentic and effective way for teams to learn, and build advocacy. It’s how we grow revenues, kill churn, and build better products.

The role that Customer Success teams play at the front-lines is profound. But also really tough. Back-to-back meetings rob each day of our time, attention, and even accountability. Team leaders feel the pain and frustration, too, and seek greater visibility.

We built UpdateAI to solve the pains of back-to-back meetings, so that you can focus on the part of your job that makes you brilliant at what you do. UpdateAI is simple. We’ve developed the world’s most accurate artificial intelligence for detecting follow-ups and next steps on customer calls.

Before, during, after, and long after each conversation with a customer, we are there. We help you capture and cultivate the key information you need to prevent churn, grow revenues, and build institutional knowledge. 

Imagine a single workspace to help you prepare for meetings, run better meetings, do less admin work, and make sure customer insights are actually heard throughout the organization. 

That’s the vision of UpdateAI. 

Our Beliefs

Our core values bring UpdateAI to life

Its About People

We believe strongly in people. It is the relationships between people that allows us all to find happiness and feel fulfilled in life. And it’s what makes businesses thrive.

Diversity Matters

One of the greatest imperatives on businesses and communities today is to foster an environment of inclusivity. We strive not only to build a diverse team and serve diverse customers, but to intersect diverse ideas and approaches towards solving challenges.

Act with Authenticity

We appreciate radical candor and the open and honest conversations it offers. We are always honest and authentic to our customers. And most importantly, we create an environment of belonging to those around us, with the assurance that they may act authentic to themselves.

Win or Learn

A 20th century baseball proverb states “Win or lose, it’s how you play the game.” UpdateAI is all about growing and learning from experimentation and exploration. We learn from our successes and most indelibly from our failures.

Be Customer Obsessed

It’s not enough to be driven by the voice of the customer. We are obsessed. Our passion is helping our customers build more meaningful relationships with their customers. We love to listen and learn from their stories.