UpdateAI – Zoom meeting assistant

Oscar Alegre

A little about me


Oscar Alegre – QA Leader

My name is Oscar. I am from Argentina, but I recently moved to Chile. In my free time I like to play board games and go on walks with my girlfriend. Family is very important to me – back in Argentina, I used to spend a lot of time with my big family. Now, my girlfriend and I often visit her family here in Chile. I also love cats and dogs. In Argentina, I had one dog, but in Chile, we have a lot of cats and dogs because we rescue them.

Why I joined UpdateAI

Because it was a challenge! I love a good challenge, and I had never worked with software in the way that UpdateAI was using it, so I knew this role would be challenging – but I was excited to work on something new. Also, I am a friend of the previous QA leader and he told me about UpdateAI and said he thought I would be a good fit, so that certainly helped.

What I do at UpdateAI

I am the QA leader. My objective is to ensure the quality of our software in all the steps of the development process for both frontend and backend. I check documentation before it goes to the backend and evaluates the finished software. I work closely with both the frontend and backend engineers, too.

Why I'm so excited about UpdateAI

I’m really excited about the way we use artificial intelligence to process data and obtain valuable information for our users. How far technology has advanced today is amazing to me; for example, just look at self-driving cars! Similarly, it’s interesting to me how we are able to use technology to do something advanced, like process text from meetings and turn it into action items.

Which core company value I align with the most

Well, all of our values are awesome to me. But I think I align most with “it’s about people,” because every time I start a new project, I’m worried about who my coworkers will be and if they will be funny, smart, driven, and just good people. Luckily, the people at UpdateAI are all of those things. I’m so happy to be here with them. I talk with my teammates all of the time and they are wonderful.