How UpdateAI Detects Action Items to Help Customer Relationship Builders

At UpdateAI, our mission is simple: to make meetings better so you can do better things. And that’s never been more important than right now. As multiple back-to-back Zoom calls have become the norm for many customer success professionals (CSPs) and client relationship teams, it’s also become increasingly difficult to keep track of the key […]

How and Why I Started UpdateAI

A little about me I’ve wanted to be an entrepreneur my whole life. Actually, that’s not true. When I was a kid I wanted to be an architect. I would walk down the streets of New York City and marvel at the skyscrapers – my favorite, without a doubt, was the Chrysler Building. And that […]

Why I’m So Excited To Welcome Emilia D’anzica To Our Executive Advisory Board

After listening to Emilia D’anzica speak on our panel about Customer Success and Parenting, I knew she had to be a part of UpdateAI’s growth. Along with others, she’s been graciously answering my questions and advising my decisions for the past few months. Now, I’m excited to make the relationship official by welcoming Emilia to […]

5 Ways Customer Success Leaders Can Empower Parents on Their Teams

I’ve been gathering stories from Customer Success Managers as part of my ongoing learning for UpdateAI. One introduction led to another and I found myself speaking with dozens of powerful women leading CS teams. UpdateAI Real Talk: CS + Parenthood I quickly learned their pain points extended beyond the workplace. Especially this past year, they […]

How Customer Success Managers Can Balance Work and Caregiving in High-Stress Times

Managing a powerhouse Customer Success team requires a delicate balance of grit and empathy that most employees (and, honestly, most people) lack. We take for granted CSMs ability to bond with customers while pushing forward a sale. In the SaaS world, we’re so focused on tools and workflows that we often fail to see how […]

Customer Success Leaders: Here’s How to De-Stress Your Team

Much of our work in the startup community revolves around pain points. We dig deep into a problem hoping to uncover its true source and figure out a resolution. If we’re lucky, we can create a product that solves the issue point-blank. But, even the best software requires a decent amount of upkeep. It’s a […]